About our School

The School of the Oriental and Occidental Languages „RHESIS” was founded by the Association „Dom Wschodni – Domus Orientalis” in Lodz, Poland, to promote the knowledge of the ancient languages and their literature. We deeply believe that “rhesis” (what means: ‘saying’, ‘speech’) of Greek, Latin, Arabic and other old languages used by Mediterranean nations is still important for modern world. That’s why we offer you the possibility to learn these languages, so that you will be able to open the holy texts of Christianity and Islam, the books of ancient philosophers and poets and the treaties of the greatest theologians.

For now we offer the possibility of studying these languages:

  • Latin
  • Greek (classical, ancient Greek language)
  • Arabic (dialect fus’ha)
  • Polish

Our school is offering courses of different kind:

  • Normal course: 1.5 h per week
  • Intensive course: 3 h per week
  • Extra-intensive course: 12 h per week

The courses we offer can be organized for groups and individual students.

We have a good location in the center of one of the most interesting city of Poland, Lodz. For students coming from abroad we can arrange the accommodation and additional program of activities to familiarize our guests with the History and the Culture of Poland.

The fees for lessons are based on the price of one lesson unit (1,5 h), which is now 50 PLN (12 EUR/15 USD) for individual students and 20 PLN (5 EUR/6 USD) for groups.

Contact us, if you want to discover the ancient languages and all the wisdom hidden in them.

In summer 2016 we invite you for workshops on the european culture: HOW DID WE BUILD EUROPE?

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